History of the Jewish people: Before the Habiru tribes (Segment 2).

Herodotus (480 BC) the ancient Greek philosopher called the father of history, at the time of Plato, recorded the migration of the amazing Hyksos people who were Asians but turned east from north-west Africa where they learned from even earlier people (“Sea people”? Chaldeans? Olympian Greeks?) how to build precise pyramids facing the heavens for sun worship, thus inventing astronomy before the Biblical era began (3772 BC). “Hence we may reasonably infer that they served as well for Temples for planetary worship as for observatories.(US Congressman and scholar Ignatius Donnelly). These incredible Hyksos brought to Egypt some or all the ancient knowledge of the world that they have accumulated in their travels from the region around Tarshish (King Solomon bought artifacts for the First Temple from Tarshish) in western Spain to the Middle-East, passing through Canaan on their way to conquer Egypt in 1800 BC.

In Homeric songs we read about the gardens of Alcinous and Laertes, alluding to a garden of Eden in Babylon, but researching the transcripts I believe that the Hyksos were referring to a place even earlier than 3772 years ago! In fact, Donnelly states, “The land that was the original Garden of Eden was on Mount Olympus of the Greeks.”  If that is true, it pre-dates the Genesis Paradise by at least 4300 years, the time of the assumed global-regional Flood in Noah’s Biblical period. I am sorry, I am overwhelmed. I have to take a break from my research. I did not expect to be shocked by some ancient Greek philosophers. If what they are saying is true, then Moses got the description in Genesis of the Babylonian garden of Eden from a much earlier description of a garden that is not mentioned in the Torah. I believe now that the Biblical garden of Eden is a replica of an original garden of Eden that was located in the sunken Azores. That island existed long before Solon the Greek philosopher visited ancient Egypt in 450 BC to record all that information. Plato got the “story” from Solon who got it from the Egyptian priests who got it from Hebrew speaking people who were known before the Habiru times as sea people. (Walter Bauum, Bronze age of Atlantis, Russell-Davis Publications, Jerusalem 2008). Wow! People spoke Hebrew in Atlantis? Impossible. Give me a break. With a little more imagination I may start believing that the Hebrew language was given to the pre-Habiru people by God. Rest assured that I am not going “nuts” but if all this stuff makes some sense to you, I will have a third segment (last) how the sea-people became the Habiru tribe of Avraham Avinu. Given by God it may be, but I not ready to accept that the Hebrew language was given to us by alien  ancestors of the Greek gods of Mount Olympus. That would be too far out even for Elior. The next segment of pre-history, thank God, I hope the last one, will make more sense than the second one, but I am not sure of it because I already found out where the idea of circumcision of baby boys came from, my God it’s weird!


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