History of the Jewish people: The transition period (Segment 3).


The farther we go back in time before the Habiru period (1500 BC) the more it becomes clear that the story of Genesis was written by Moses, prince of Egypt, who had access to stories of antiquity that have accumulated in Egypt from all over the ancient world and were stored in the greatest library of the ancient world in the city of Alexandria 10 centuries after Moses birth in 1391 BC. Moses was a prince of Egypt by virtue of being raised by the daughter of Pharaoh. His parents were Hebrew slaves descendents from the tribe of Levi. His sister Miriam was his confidant and his priest brother Aaron helped gather the knowledge of the one God Jehovah, and helped plot a revolt against the polytheistic king who knew not of Joseph ( Exodus 1:8). Lucky for Moses (or was it an act of God), at that time before the plotting the last Hyksos king Akhenaton (Amenophis IV) and his wife Nefertiti were busy spreading monotheism in Egypt, but when they died the Egyptian polytheistic priests took control. It is fair to say that Moses gathered his knowledge to write his five books of the Torah between 1371 BC and 1331 BC. Apparently, he started doing in 1371 BC what Congressman Ignatius Donnelly from Minnesota did at the turn of the 20th century – sat in the library of Congress and copied claims and information to put together a story of the ancient world leading to the American revolution. Prince Moses probably had to go to various libraries in Egypt to gather his sources to assemble a story of Genesis, because the Great library of Alexandria didn’t exist yet for a thousand years! Either way, it is fascinating to know that circumcision was practiced by the Egyptians long before Avraham’s brit bain habetarim. The practice spread by the Sea people to the Phoenicians, Ethiopians and the rest of the ancient world because circumcision saved lives from one of the most dreadful scourges of the human race (Ignatius Donnelly). Today, circumcision is limited mostly to the semitic people. Life insurance statistics calculates the average life and health of Jewish men higher than all other men! Jewish health and longevity is attributed to both circumcision and not eating pork. pork being forbidden to Jews because od a mall trichina insect which infests pigs, states the Talmud. This is amazing statement because trichinosis in pigs was discovered years later in a lab. The next segment will start with the Hebrew Sea people landing in Ur in Mesopotamia around 1800 BC, giving rise to Avram (later named Abraham) and his tribe. The lad goes to Egypt with Sarai (later Sarah), princess of Ur, on their honeymoon (a modern term) around 1700 BC. The rest is history!


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