2013 in Review.

Thank you WordPress for posting a summary of my “Jewish blog.” It has been a year of conflict in the world. The secret for 2014 is to continue thinking out of the box about peace and prosperity. I have returned from Germany, Spain Italy and Israel. I decided to turn this Jewish blog from private to public in 2014 to reach all people, especially if you are not Jewish. You are all included. Follow me into Israel’s hall of fame – the Source. Manage your relationships with peace and prosperity.  I will resume posting on my three blogs in 2014 when I return home. I consider those of you who follow me in this new public Jewish blog brave!  I will not be posting boring information that you all know about. Stick around and acquire critical thinking skills (CTS) of a “liberation theology” kind that is rare.

Shana tova vegmar hatima tova to you, 2014.