History of the Jewish people: Before the Habiru tribes (Segment 2).

Herodotus (480 BC) the ancient Greek philosopher called the father of history, at the time of Plato, recorded the migration of the amazing Hyksos people who were Asians but turned east from north-west Africa where they learned from even earlier people (“Sea people”? Chaldeans? Olympian Greeks?) how to build precise pyramids facing the heavens for sun worship, thus inventing astronomy before the Biblical era began (3772 BC). “Hence we may reasonably infer that they served as well for Temples for planetary worship as for observatories.(US Congressman and scholar Ignatius Donnelly). These incredible Hyksos brought to Egypt some or all the ancient knowledge of the world that they have accumulated in their travels from the region around Tarshish (King Solomon bought artifacts for the First Temple from Tarshish) in western Spain to the Middle-East, passing through Canaan on their way to conquer Egypt in 1800 BC.

In Homeric songs we read about the gardens of Alcinous and Laertes, alluding to a garden of Eden in Babylon, but researching the transcripts I believe that the Hyksos were referring to a place even earlier than 3772 years ago! In fact, Donnelly states, “The land that was the original Garden of Eden was on Mount Olympus of the Greeks.”  If that is true, it pre-dates the Genesis Paradise by at least 4300 years, the time of the assumed global-regional Flood in Noah’s Biblical period. I am sorry, I am overwhelmed. I have to take a break from my research. I did not expect to be shocked by some ancient Greek philosophers. If what they are saying is true, then Moses got the description in Genesis of the Babylonian garden of Eden from a much earlier description of a garden that is not mentioned in the Torah. I believe now that the Biblical garden of Eden is a replica of an original garden of Eden that was located in the sunken Azores. That island existed long before Solon the Greek philosopher visited ancient Egypt in 450 BC to record all that information. Plato got the “story” from Solon who got it from the Egyptian priests who got it from Hebrew speaking people who were known before the Habiru times as sea people. (Walter Bauum, Bronze age of Atlantis, Russell-Davis Publications, Jerusalem 2008). Wow! People spoke Hebrew in Atlantis? Impossible. Give me a break. With a little more imagination I may start believing that the Hebrew language was given to the pre-Habiru people by God. Rest assured that I am not going “nuts” but if all this stuff makes some sense to you, I will have a third segment (last) how the sea-people became the Habiru tribe of Avraham Avinu. Given by God it may be, but I not ready to accept that the Hebrew language was given to us by alien  ancestors of the Greek gods of Mount Olympus. That would be too far out even for Elior. The next segment of pre-history, thank God, I hope the last one, will make more sense than the second one, but I am not sure of it because I already found out where the idea of circumcision of baby boys came from, my God it’s weird!


History of the Jewish people : Before the Habiru tribes (Segment 1).

Knowledge of people starts with studying their deepest roots. I don’t know how far back do you want me to go in this blog to anchor Judaism in its roots? But I do know that I get emotional trying to go farther than all the Rabbis that I have ever met in my 76 years. I will go as far as I can without losing my sanity. I will go to pre-history because I want my blog to reveal new awesome knowledge about awesome people. This blog will not be dull or restrictive like some other Jewish blogs, repeating standard Jewish stuff. Indeed, to fully appreciate our people’s Godly contributions at the dawn of human history I have decided to embark on an impossible task of searching for pre-historical clues that may have  led thousands of years later to historical studies of the ancient Habiru tribes of Mesopotamia who conquered the land of Canaan (future Israel) from Egypt and occupied it 4000 years ago! Please bear with me when you “hit” the various impossible to believe facts or claims about the Jews that will appear in this blog..

The first claim that I came across was that the Hebrew language was given to the Hebrew people by God before Biblical times appeared in the writings of Yair Davidy, a present day Jerusalem scholar (Brit-Am Publication) who believes that all other languages evolved from ancient Hebrew long before the dawn of history. Philologists had traced many words in Latin back to their Hebrew origin and some have traced the use of Hebrew to Peru 9000 years ago! I zeroed in on Peru because of the word Peru and spent at least a 100 hours to find out if it was a Hebrew word. As an Israeli-Jewish scientist and Biblical scholar, who knows the roots of Hebrew words, I was pleased to find out that the name of that central American country not only means “Multiply” in Hebrew, but that the native indians were pre-historic Hebrews! Seems impossible? Ignatius Donnelly, a Congressman from Minnesota, who studied ancient people and languages, discovered that the Peruvian tribes (ruv=rvu=peru and revu means multiply in Hebrew) migrated south from the Ukatan peninsula (small island in Hebrew). He discovered two Mayan civilization tribes names Chipenec (be fond of in Hebrew) and Moche’ (Moshe?) who spoke a Hebrew dialect at the down of civilization! This stuff blew my mind away. I read that these Hebrew speaking Indians, long before the Bible was written spoke my language, although with variations, for example, son in English is ben in Hebrew and was Been in Chipenec, or daughter is bat was batz in Chipenec, or father is abba was abagh, or king is moloch was molo, or September is Tishrai was tsquin, or Seth is Enoch was Enot, and the last one, to give in English is natan in Hebrew, was votan in tribal Peru.

where did these “Hebrew Peruvians,” who built Egyptian pyramids, come from? I traced their pyramids to Egypt at the time of the Hyksos invasion from the north-west 3800 years ago. The Hyksos people brough monotheism to Egypt (The Jewish People, by Eli Barnavi, Schoken Books). Friends, this task of researching the origin of our people is becoming monumental to me, as you are probably sensing from your own feeling, so I will stop for now. I will finish this part of prehistory in Segment 2  soon. Please prepare yourselves to be blown away even more in Segment 2!

Not a view point but the truth!

Searching for consensus on anything in Judaism is impossible. We need consensus how to achieve peace and prosperity for Israel and Judaism after 60 years of turmoil. Peace will not stay a dream another 60 years. Love must replace ambivalence, knowledge of Israel and Judaism must replace ignorance, working views must become more homogenized, more positive and more action oriented.  Herzl statement “Eem Tirzu ein zo agada” must be again empowered by all Jews for it  not to remain a prolonged dream. It is sad but true that Rabbis, Jewish and Israeli leaders underestimate the lack of knowledge and understanding of our great country, inspired Bible and painful Jewish history. You all know who said the “Eem tirzu…” but do you know who said “Eem lo ani lee, me lee?” and “Eem lo achshav, ematai?” Few do!  Please join me in welcoming the truth into our hearts. Please join me to change our thinking toward the truth. Please join me in learning facts that will make you free and proud to be a part of the Jewish people or associated with Judaism and Israel. If you are not a Jew, you are welcome to join if you want true knowledge and good impact on your life. If you are a Christian Zionist, you are a brother and your place is with us. Join this blog to express the truth. Learn about “replacement theology” and other historical misconceptions. Please join us to advance the truth and make the world a better place to live in. What ever are your beliefs, you have a place in this blog if you want peace and prosperity for Israel. The news will not always be pleasant, but it will always be liberating.  Lehitraot.

Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque with the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) of the Ancient Jewish Temple

Close your eyes and get the spiritual feeling of the picture. The picture is wordless and I am speechless, but full of awe. The rock beneath the dome is where Avraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac. The western wall is our wailing wall, where Jews prayed for 2000 years (lots of tears). The wall is the closest structure left from the outer wall of the holy temple sanctuary that was built on the rock (twice) and was destroyed by the Babylonians and the Romans both on the 9th of Av (August). These two powerful civilizations are no more! They were destroyed by the wrath of God.

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